20+ Best ICON Packs for Web Developers and Designers

20+ Best ICON Packs for Web Developers and Designers

Icons have a significant role in giving you the first impression of a site or application interface. But it takes a lot of time and money to develop them from scratch. Using icons on your site allows you to effectively communicate with your visitors: they increase readability, highlight important content, re-enforce functionality or features, and enhance the design. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to ready-made best icon packs.

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Also, when it comes to icon design, this is a great way to showcase designer qualifications. A sweet, nice icon pack is a perfect showcase of designer?s work and a powerful instrument to build up your reputation online.

Here are some great pros of using icons in your next UX design project.

  • Icons help to increase the site or app readability.
  • Well made icons help reduce text volume. Using icons makes your message understandable without text.
  • Icons can add personalization to your product.
  • Icons can be a good starting point in getting to know the product.
  • Last, but not least: one of the most important functions of icons is to help users intuitively understand the application both at the first acquaintance and during subsequent use.

In this article, you will find a collection of some of the best icon packs you can use on your website or business, even if you?re not a creative artist. The products presented in this article may be used not only on common websites and in basic cases, but also in more complex and specialized ones.

We split the products into several categories for your ease. Before descriptions you will see the category this product belongs to.

  • Free icon sets.
  • Marketplaces. The marketplace contains icons from different manufacturers. Here you can find both cheap and expensive, as well as good and low quality products.
  • Material design icon sets and Flat icon sets.
  • CSS icon sets. CSS icons are made using ? guess what ? CSS. To use them, just copy the code to your page.
  • Icons fonts. According to Pluralsight, icon fonts are actual fonts that contain symbols and glyphs instead of letters or numbers. They?re popular for web designers since you can style them with CSS the same way as regular text. Icon fonts are treated as text by browsers, so you?ll need to normalize them to avoid text anti-aliasing issues, and are supported in almost all browsers.
  • SVG icons. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector graphics format that can scale to any size without losing clarity. They can be displayed through using CSS, object tags, image tags, or inlined directly into your HTML.
  • Glyph and pictogram icon sets.

The List of Best Icon Packs


Web-site: https://www.flaticon.com/packsFormats and Type: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64, MarketplacePrice and License: Limited free plan & premium plans from $9.99/month

Image for postImage source: https://www.flaticon.com/packs

Flaticon contains completely editable vectors and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. FlatIcon has more than 2.3 million vector icons grouped into 51202 packs.

The product has Adobe Extension which allows you to easily import icons inside Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. If you?d like to use a web font instead of static files for your icons, FlatIcon will take care of the format conversion and generate a web font ready to use. You can also customize downloaded icons.

Key facts:

  • over 90,000 icons;
  • SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG formats;
  • icon fonts;
  • Adobe Extension for CC suite;
  • Linkshare license with premium options; and
  • new icon packs are added every month.

A premium subscription with FlatIcon will provide you with full licensing rights, access to exclusive content, no ads, MacOS app and Adobe extensions, as well as the ability to create unlimited collections.

Jam Icons

Web-site: https://jam-icons.com/Format and Type: SVG, CSSPrice and License: Free, MIT

Image for postImage source: https://jam-icons.com/

Jam icons are a set of 896 handcrafted icons. This icon pack comes with both SVG and font versions. The icons can be used as SVG files in your web, print or application development projects. The icons can also be used as a font with the given CSS stylesheets. There are 16px, 24px and 32px sizes. You can also choose to fill or stroke icons.

Fontisto Icon Pack

Web-site: https://fontisto.com/Format and Type: CSSPrice and License: Free, MIT

Image for postImage source: https://fontisto.com/

Fontisto is a vector icons pack. Icons can be instantly customized: size, color, drop shadow and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. The product doesn?t require Javascript. Fontisto icons are vectors, which means they will look good on high-resolution monitors.

On the website, you can find full documentation and various guides on how to start and customize the product. You can start using the product simply pasting the link on your website. Additionally, you can use Fontisto with the package managers that are right for you: npm, yarn, bower, etc.


Web-site: https://iconmonstr.com/Format and Type: SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG, MarketplacePrice and License: Free

Image for postImage source: https://iconmonstr.com/

Iconmonstr?s collection of icons has 4400+ icons. Every icon set offers both outlines and filled versions of the graphics to ensure that they can be used for a variety of design applications. Every icon on this site is available for free, and icon files come in such formats as SVG, AI, PSD and PNG. The files can be used for free and commercial purposes.

Iconmonstr makes it simple to search for icons via its powerful search function. You can even save your favorite icons in a personal collection for future use.

Key features:

  • free use of all icons,
  • four format download options, and
  • downsized icons optimized for web use.

Pixsellz Material Icons Library

Web-site: https://icons.pixsellz.io/Format: SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG, FIG, Material designPrice and License: Free, Apache License Version 2.0

Image for postImage source: https://icons.pixsellz.io/

A huge bundle of over 1000 icons divided into 16 different categories. The free icon pack is inspired by Material design and presented into three different visual styles ? rounded, outline, and two-tone. The set is available in 6 different file formats, so you can use the icons in your preferred design software.

Key features:

  • 3 styles,
  • Figma styles,
  • 1000+ icons,
  • 2424 pixels,
  • Sketch styles and symbols,
  • 16 categories, and
  • 6 file formats.


Web-site: http://www.entypo.com/Format and Type: SVGPrice and License: Free, Creative Common License 4.0

Image for postImage source: http://www.entypo.com/

Entypo is an svg icon family pack, carefully crafted a few years ago by Daniel Bruce in Sweden. These icons are superb: when it comes to freebies, they?re top of the line. The product comes as SVG with 411 icons, free with a Creative Commons License.

The author says building a font takes a lot of time and it is better to spend time on developing new pictograms.

Evil Icons

Web-site: https://evil-icons.io/Format and Type: SVG, SketchPrice and License: Free, MIT

Image for postImage source: https://evil-icons.io/

This pack is absolutely massive and it comes with everything ? including SVGs and the original source files. That means you can download SVGs along with files for Illustrator and the .sketch files for Sketch.

Every icon follows the thin line style and they?re perfect for most websites. The fact you can edit the original source makes them even more valuable.

Streamline Icons

Web-site: https://streamlineicons.com/Format and Type: ICONJAR, SKETCH, FIG, XD, SVG, AI, PDF, PNGPrice and License: Free to $411

Image for postImage source: https://streamlineicons.com/

Streamline Icons is another nice and adaptable free icon pack on the web market. The tool is organized in 53 categories with over 30000 vector icons.

This is one of the few icon packs optimized for Sketch, making it easy to manipulate stroke widths and colors. Built-in Sketch features such as symbols and shared styles make reusing elements, like icons, a quick and easy process.

The company has its own web app that helps to browse, search and download icons right from the browser.

Key features:

  • more than 30000 vector icons organized;
  • Smart Strokes to modify outline thickness;
  • Sketch, AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, SVG formats;
  • web app to search and edit icons;
  • each icon in Streamline 3.0 has three unique weights: light, regular and bold.


Web-site: https://smashicons.com/Format and Type: JAR, SVG, AI, SKETCH, MarketplacePrice and License: Free to $149

Image for postImage source: https://smashicons.com/

Smashicons offers a comprehensive collection of icons with over 219000+ icons in their library. Smashicons works a bit differently than others: their pricing is based on a monthly plan of $5/month. This means that for $5 a month you get access to their entire collection of existing icons as well as any future icons they release.

Key features:

  • a very large collection of icons,
  • all icons are multi-platform compatible,
  • easy-to-use web app to search and find the icons you need,
  • subscription-based business model,
  • multiplatform support.


Web-site: https://icons8.com/Format and Type: SVG, PNG, PDFLicense and Pricing: Good Boy License, Free to 19.90 per month

Image for postImage source: https://icons8.com/

The icon set from Icons8 comes with more than 120000 icons that cover several categories; from business and office settings to people, food, and social media icons. The icons are designed to mimic the look of a specific operating system. You can download them in Windows, iOS, and Android versions.

The icons work with Sketch, Photoshop and Xcode. You can use a web editor before downloading the icons to your system.

Key features:

  • SVG, PNG, and HTML formats;
  • icons available in different styles, such as line icon, filled icon, and full color;
  • all icons can be downloaded via .zip file;
  • edit before downloading;
  • both free and paid subscription options.


Web-site: https://icomoon.io/Format and Type: SVG, PNG, PDFLicense and Pricing: Free to $139 per month

Image for postImage source: https://icomoon.io/

Icomoon comes as a complete tool for iconography and icon management. The product has a high-quality solution for editing and managing icons. The Icomoon icons have been handcrafted on a 16X16 grid and are available in SVG, EPS, PSD, PDF and AI formats. The icon set is also constantly updated by its creators.

Each icon pack features detailed licensing so that designers and developers know exactly how icons can be used. Users can also make their own custom icon fonts.

Key features:

  • comprehensive icon management tools,
  • free and paid download options,
  • a wide variety of download formats,
  • free and easy updates.

Glyphish Icon Pack

Web-site: http://www.glyphish.com/Format and Type: SVG, PNG, PDF, PSD, Glyph, Icon fontLicense and Pricing: Creative Common Attribution, From $25 to $99

Image for postImage source: http://www.glyphish.com/

Glyphish offers a variety of different icon packs. Every pack comes in a variety of different formats, including PNG, SVG, PSD and AI. The basic icon pack is available for $25 while the ultimate one is available at a regular price of $99. The free demo includes 50 icons. All icons can be easily edited by designers.

Key features:

  • icons for several platforms: iOS, Android, Web, Windows;
  • a set of 50 free icons;
  • easy drag-and-drop into Xcode;
  • icons specially sized for Apple Retina displays.


Web-site: https://ionicons.com/Format and Type: SVG and Webfont, Icon fontLicense: MIT

Image for postImage source: https://ionicons.com/

The Ionic team decided to release their icons as a webfont called Ionicons. Naturally they?re totally free and available on GitHub. You can even add these icons directly to your site using the CDN version of the stylesheet. It fully supports SVG and web fonts.

Key features:

  • completely free,
  • easy setup by copying and pasting link,
  • comes as a webfont,
  • customized sizes,
  • over 1100 items.

Angular Material Icons

Web-site: https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baselineFormat and Type: SVG, Webfont, Material designLicense and Pricing: Free, Apache License 2.0

Image for postImage source: https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline

Material Icon is free icon pack from Google. To ensure the readability and clarity, these icons have been optimized to look great on all platforms and displays. These material icons are totally free and accessible on GitHub. This icon pack is absolutely massive with over 1,000 icons covering a wide array of interface features.

All of the symbols are available in five themes. You will get a range of downloadable sizes and densities. The best format for web projects is an easy-to-use icon web font.


Web-site: https://linearicons.com/Format and Type: SVG, Webfont, Icon fontLicense and Pricing: Free to $59, Common Creative License

Image for postImage source: https://linearicons.com/

Linear Icon pack is one of the most popular and best icon packs for personal or commercial purposes. Linear icon pack comes in both free and premium versions. The free version of this amazing icon pack comes under Creative Common license. There are also different packages you can choose for your needs, such as the Desktop Package.

Key features:

  • CloudFront CDN;
  • free version available;
  • comes with different formats: SVG, PDF, Webfont.


Web-site: https://feathericons.com/Format and Type: SVG, Webfont, IconfontLicense and Pricing: Free, MIT License

Image for postImage source: https://feathericons.com/

Feather is one of the most popular open-source icon sets. These are open source icons that have been designed on a 24X24 grid. The icons are available in the SVG format. It?s under the MIT license, and there are about 250+ icons in open source.

The icons are easy to edit, clean and crisp ? regardless of size. They were designed as an icon font first, so it?s meant to be embedded as a web font.


Web-site: https://www.iconfinder.com/Format: SVG, PNG, ICO, MarketplaceLicense and Pricing: From $9 to $49 per month

Image for postImage source: https://www.iconfinder.com/

Iconfinder is one of the most popular icon resources on the net. It offers over 4 million icons, providing users with a variety of search options including icon format, price, size, background, etc. There are several monthly payment plans ? from $9 to $49. You can also choose the ?pay as you go? system.

Icon files are available in SVG, PNG, ICO, ICNS, and Adobe Illustrator formats, and dimensions range between 1616 to 512512. You can also work with some of the site?s best designers if you can?t find something you like or simply want custom icons designed especially for you and your brand.

Key features:

  • both free and paid use options,
  • flexible search features,
  • icons available in a variety of formats,
  • a lot of categories and styles,
  • icon editor.

The Noun Project

Web-site: https://thenounproject.com/Format and Type: SVG, PNG, MarketplaceLicense and Pricing: Creative Commons License, From $39.99

Image for postImage source: https://thenounproject.com/

The Noun Project offers one of the largest icon libraries available on the web. Most of this site?s icons are available in SVG and PNG formats, as well as in black and white styles.

The site?s library is made up of icon files designed by a variety of independent designers. It?s a place where creators and creative professionals can collaborate to sell their designs and find a seemingly endless library of premium icons.

Searching this huge and comprehensive icon library is very easy. Additional key features of this icon library include both free and premium download options, many large sets of icons, an application for Mac and more. This icon library is regularly updated, and new icons and sets are being posted every day.

Key features:

  • over 150,000 icons;
  • SVG, PNG formats;
  • search and discovery tools;
  • Creative Common License with premium options;
  • free and paid download options;
  • new icons uploaded on a near-daily basis.

Fontawesome Icons

Web-site: https://fontawesome.com/iconsFormat and Type: SVG, PNG, Icon font, MarketplaceLicense and Pricing: SIL OFL 1.1

Image for postImage source: https://fontawesome.com/icons

Font Awesome is the most used and the most popular icon font set around. It is also the default icon set for the team at bootstrap. It is also available as SVG icons among other formats.The license is open and free for anything, commercial or personal.

Every icon is fully scalable and maintainable directly in CSS. You can change colors, shadows, background gradients and pretty much anything else using pure CSS3. Another reason to use this library is that it?s fully optimized and has no compatibility issues because it doesn?t require JavaScript at all.

Key features:

  • Vector Font,
  • every icon comes with a CSS Class & Unicode,
  • free,
  • built with accessibility in mind,
  • features easy upgrading across websites,
  • offers a desktop cheat sheet for the entire icon library.


Web-site: https://lineicons.com/Format and Type: SVG, Web font, Icon fontLicense and Pricing: Free

Image for postImage source: https://lineicons.com/

LineIcons also provide free CDN with clear documentation which makes it easy to get started.

This icon pack is completely free and comes with 450+ line icons. It covers every single essential icon you need for the project from different categories. LineIcons also provides free CDN and clear documentation to get started easily. It comes with 2 different scalable packages ? WebFonts and SVG files you can use depending on your project needs.

Key features:

  • 450+ Free Icons,
  • SVG Files,
  • Web Font Ready,
  • free CDN.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right icon library resource for your project should not be based on what is considered most popular but rather what best suits the needs of your project. When choosing icons, pay attention to how easy it is to start a project, which formats are present in the library and the price.

Also, an important factor when choosing an icon pack will be matching the style of your application or site.

We hope this article will help you choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

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