2 Ways to Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Windows 10 (2018)

2 Ways to Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Windows 10 (2018)

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Sometimes, you run into NVIDIA issues on Windows 10, for instance, unable to connect to NVIDIA and NVIDIA Control Panel missing, there is much need for you to update NVIDIA display card drivers for your PC, like NVIDIA GeForce driver.

In a large sense, the problem lies in NVIDIA graphics driver corruption and incompatibility.

So with NVIDIA driver for Windows 64 bit 2018, it is likely you are capable of fixing NVIDIA graphics driver code 43 error easily as well.

Anyway, to help you get the updated NVIDIA video card drivers for Windows 10, this post will offer two quickest and the most feasible methods for you.

Way 1: Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers in Device Manager

For some users, you may want to download the up-to-date NVIDIA driver to afford better performance for Windows 10. Or for other people, you may hope to solve some NVIDIA errors relevant to NVIDIA display drivers by updating NVIDIA drivers.

You can complete it in device manager-the built-in tool on Windows 10.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand Display adapters and then locate and right click the NVIDIA graphics driver to update driver.

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Here if your NVIDIA driver comes into error, you need to uninstall NVIDIA graphics driver completely and then update it for Windows 10.

3. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

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Shortly after that, Windows 10 device manager would automatically search your PC and online for the newly released NVIDIA video card driver. And install it if any. After that, Windows 10 will not have to install NVIDIA driver every time you restart PC.

Maybe NVIDIA driver crashes can also be solved in this way.

Way 2: Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Manually

You can also decide to search Windows 10 NVIDIA driver online on NVIDIA site, no matter it is NVIDIA GeForce driver or NVIDIA NVS driver.

If you are not computer veteran, you are supposed to use Device Manager to download a new NVIDIA driver. But it failed to do so or you are capable of finding NVIDIA display driver yourself, you might as well get the NVIDIA driver manually.

1. Go to the official NVIDIA site.

2. In NVIDIA Driver Downloads, fill in the Product Type, Product Series, Product, Operating System and Language on your PC. Here take NVIDIA GeForce driver as a reference.

Then click Search to scan on this site for available NVIDIA GeForce drivers.

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Thereafter, all the compatible NVIDIA Graphic drivers would pop up, choose the one you would like to install on your computer.

Here you can also download NVIDIA Legacy drivers using the say way.

It is no doubt that you can manually update NVIDIA GeForce driver for Windows 10 and any other NVIDIA video card driver.

For the time being, you must have got the hang of updating NVIDIA display driver in order to solve various NVIDIA issues.

But you should choose the method accessible in your case.


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