10 Riddles That Will Reveal How Dirty Your Mind Is

10 Riddles That Will Reveal How Dirty Your Mind Is

How dirty is your mind? Let?s find out! Test yourself with the following riddles and see how many of them take your mind down the dirty path. After reading each riddle (and before looking at the answers below) check to see if you?re thinking dirty. If you are, that?s one point. Add one additional point for each time your mind goes in the gutter and calculate your score at the bottom to see how dirty your mind really is!

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1. You slide your fingers across me first thing in the morning, you play with me before you go to bed, I live in your pants, I am always in the back of your mind and you can?t live without me. What am I?

2. All throughout the day I let anyone who wants to go down on me. I let them go in and out as much as they want. What am I?

3. I am a word that starts with an ?F? and ends in ?C-K? and when things get really hot, I am exactly what you want.

4. I have nuts and I can get sticky but you lick me off anyway. You can have me for breakfast, lunch or dinner. What am I?

5. What has a head, a shaft, is shaped like a stick and is long and hard?

6. I can be dirty, I can be clean, I can be delicate, I can be rough. People sometimes shake me or smack me against my own kind. What am I?

7. You?ll find me on a peak, I am sometimes small and sometimes big, sometimes pointy. What am I?

8. When you blow me I get bigger, and the tighter you wrap your lips around me the quicker I enlarge. What am I?

9. What?s a 5 letter word that starts with a ?P? and women absolutely love to get their hands on it?

10. My load is sometimes soft, sometimes hard, is usually warm, and I am sometimes long and sometimes short. What am I?


1. A cell phone

2. An elevator

3. Firetruck

4. Peanut butter

5. A cane

6. Hands

7. An explorer?s flag

8. A balloon

9. Purse

10. Poop

How dirty is your mind? Check your score below!

0?2: Squeaky clean ? When you hear the word ?hump?, you think of a camel and the word ?naughty? reminds you of children.

3?5: Mildly Dirty ? You still giggle when you hear the word ?sex? but you?ve got a bit of filth on your mind.

6?8: Nicely Naughty ? You are proud to have a mind that is hot and steaming and sexual innuendo makes you smile from ear to ear.

9?10: Salaciously Filthy ? Congratulations! You are the king or queen of obscene! You mind dwells in a lascivious world of fiery lust. Stay dirty!

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