1. Standing

1. Standing

Do you enjoy spankings? Giving? Receiving? Perhaps both? Spanking is the easiest thing to do. However, giving a really good spanking, one that does not just make your bottom red but gets into your head, requires a bit of technique. Among other things, it is nice to know the different positions to give a spanking, when they should be used, and the effects that they have.

A spanker is the person giving the spanking and the spankee is the one receiving it. Of course, spankers and spankees can be of any gender (including non-binary), in any combination of genders. In this article, I have alternated gender pronouns to convey this fact. However, some positions make more sense when the spankee is a woman because of the particular shape of male and female genitalia. Thus, positions like the leg straddle apply a pleasurable pressure on the clit and labia of a woman but would chaff the balls and cock of a man.

Several things contribute to a good spanking. The obvious one is the sensations it produces: pleasure and pain. Some spankees do not tolerate much pain but enjoy the mild stinginess and warmth of light slaps. Others are in it for the pain, and after a good warm-up can appreciate hard spanks. Some positions allow a full swing of the arm and good aiming at the key spots of the butt, particularly the ?sweet spot?, the area where you rest your weight when you sit. Another important sensation is the physical contact between the bodies of the spankee and the spanker. Some positions have a lot of contact and even put pressure on the genitalia, leading to a deeply sexual spanking. However, some people may prefer a less intimate experience.

Other ingredients of a good spanking are more mental. The spanker appreciates a good view of the bottom in all its erotic roundness and enjoys how it changes color to deeper hues of red as the spanking progresses. The spankee has a mental image of what she looks like while she is being hit. The exposure of her naked bottom and genitalia produces a sense of erotic embarrassment that is a big part of the experience of the spanking. This also feeds a sense of vulnerability: the realization that the spanker can inflict a considerable amount of pain in intimate parts of the body. This sense of vulnerability is enhanced in positions that restraint the movement of the spankee, either by trapping it with the body of the spanker or by removing leverage by taking the feet off the ground. Some people like to consider spanking a punishment, which they enjoy in a twisted way because they have a punishment fetish. In this case, restraint and vulnerability increase the sense of subjugation.

One last consideration is comfort: a spanking should hurt the butt in an erotic way, but not trigger joint pain, back pain and other nasty forms of discomfort. Some spanking positions should not be held for a long time, while others invite relaxation, making it possible to focus on the physical sensations and the mental trip. When the spanking is for punishment a deliberately uncomfortable position may be prescribed. However, I will not list those because this article focuses mostly on erotic spankings. The comfort of the spanker should also be considered. Repetitive motions and impacts reverberate through her body and can produce damage that will not be felt until hours or even days after the spanking. Particular attention should be given to strains in the lower back. It is best that the spanker has good support of his lower back or is free to move instead of being trapped under the weight of the spankee.

Here is a list of ten spanking positions and how they affect the sensations, embarrassment, vulnerability and comfort of a spanking.

There is not positioning: the spanker simply approaches the spankee from behind and hits his bottom. This is used mostly for impromptu, short spankings to deliver a quick warning to the spankee, which works well for punishment or discipline in an ongoing dominant/submissive relationship. However, most people do not like to be surprised with a spanking, so doing this needs to be negotiated beforehand. If consensual, the surprise factor creates vulnerability and embarrassment. Pain is also higher when you are unprepared for it. For longer spankings, the standing position is not very restful for either the spanker and the spankee. Also, there is little restraint because the spankee can turn around or walk away as he pleases.

2. Under the arm

Image for postUnder the arm spanking. Source.

From a standing position, the spanker turns the spankee around and forces her to bend over by putting his left arm around her hips and belly. An experienced spanker can do this quite fast to induce the same surprise effect, but in this case the spankee is immobilized and forced to expose her bottom. It works very well when the spanker is strong and the spankee is light, so he can physically lift her from the ground. Vulnerability is high because the spankee can sense the power of the spanker. However, this is the least comfortable position for the spanker. The strain that this position puts on his lower back should be an important consideration. This position should be avoided for long spankings. A good idea could be to start a spanking with it and then move to one of the other positions.

Image for postSpanking over a desk. Drawing by Paula Meadows

3. Bending over furniture

The spankee is thrown over a desk, a table or the back of an armchair. Alternatively, he is made to kneel over the edge of the bed, over a chair, or to kneel on a chair. In public play spaces, there are spanking benches specially created for this position. With most furniture, the spanker can press her left (non-dominant) hand over the lower back of the spankee to add a bit of restraint. If the furniture is high (for example, an armchair with a high back), the spankee may lose touch of the ground with his feet, increasing the vulnerability. Being bent over a piece of furniture is mildly embarrassing. In this position is lots of room to swing the arm and the spanker can put her weight into it, so the spanking can be forceful. This position is very comfortable for the spankee, unless he is over an armchair with a narrow back. The main drawback is that there is no physical contact with the body of the spanker, creating an emotional distance.

Image for postSpanking over the lap. Drawing by Paula Meadows

4. Over the lap

This is the classical spanking position. The spanker sits on a chair or on the edge of the bed and pulls the spankee face down over his lap. This is often called ?over the knee?, but in reality the spankee is over the thighs of the spanker and in contact with her lower belly. Normally, hands and feet are on the floor, but if the spankee is forced forward she may lose touch of his feet with the ground, increasing vulnerability. The nicest things about this position are the psychological effect of the mental image it creates, the contact with the body of the spanker, and the fact that the butt is lifted and exposed in all its beautiful roundness. It the spanker is a man, his erection will be felt by the spankee. The main drawback of this position is that it is not a comfortable position for the spankee: if he is large and heavy he will tend to roll off the lap. Also, the spanker finds it easier to hit the buttock that is furthest from his belly, creating an uneven spanking.

5. Over the knee

The ?over the lap? position can be made much more comfortable if the spanker sits on a bed, preferably with her back supported by the head of the bed. This way, the spankee can rest his full body on the bed, which is more relaxing and stable. On a bed, the spankee can be moved away from the lap and onto the knees proper; this way, his bottom is farther from the body of the spanker, who can now hit both buttocks more evenly. The butt can be made more round and exposed if the spanker crosses her legs, forcing it to be lifted into the air. This is a great position for long spankings because it is comfortable and effortless for both spanker and spankee, while it has more body contact than bending over furniture. However, the spankee has to turn his head sideways to breathe, which can put strain on the neck. It is less embarrassing than other positions and only moderately vulnerable. Another drawback is that the is no restraint: a feisty spankee can struggle and move around with ease. Restraint can be increased by holding a hand of the spankee over his lower back, or by using bondage.

6. Straddling the leg

This is a variant of the ?over the lap? position very popular with the domestic discipline crowd. The spankee is made to straddle the left thigh of the spanker (if he is right-handed), who is sitting on a chair or on the edge of the bed. Then the spankee leans forward and is held in position with the left arm of the spanker, as in the ?under the arm? position. Holding one hand of the spankee on her lover back and wrapping the right leg of the spanker over the left calf of the spankee can restrain her almost completely. This is quite an embarrassing and vulnerable position because it spreads the legs, exposing the anus. If the spankee is a woman, her clit will be stimulated during the spanking, creating a deeply sexual experience. This is a great position to spank a woman to orgasm. Cumming while being spanked is quite a mental trip. If the spankee is a man, the effects on his cock and balls can vary from pleasurable to painful. In any case, the body contact is great, there is nice restraint and the spanker can hit both buttocks forcefully and evenly. Lack of back support for the spanker may be its main problem, but this can be solved by sitting in an armchair.

7. Leg lock

Image for postA paddling in the leg lock position. Source.

This is yet another variant of the ?over the lap? position. Again, the spanker sits on a chair or on the edge of the bed. However, this time she pulls the spankee over just one of her thighs, trapping his legs with the other thigh. The idea is to immobilize the spankee, prohibiting any struggle. Even more restraint can be achieved by holding the hands of the spankee over his lower back. This creates a strong feeling of vulnerability and exposure. If the spankee is a man, trapping his penis against the thigh of the spanker can create a strong sensation of pleasure and pain. However, this position is not comfortable for a long spanking because there is pressure on the spankee belly and lack of support for the back of the spanker.

8. Leg scissors

Image for postBettie Page in the leg scissors position.

This little-known position is done on a flat surface like the floor or the bed. The spanker sits with his legs extended and open. The spankee lays next to him face down with her belly over his left thigh. Then the spanker puts his right leg between the legs of the spankee and over her right thigh, trapping her. The spanker can also press his right thigh against the crotch of the spankee. Pressure against her clit and labia leads to a very sexual spanking. The spankee ends up partly on her side, her body turned towards the spanker, so her face may be visible to the spanker. Other than that, he can see the roundness of her bottom lifted by his left leg and her cheeks opened by his right leg, exposing the crack and the anus for punishing slaps or pleasurable caresses. The genitals of both partners are in contact with each other?s body, making it one of the most intimate spanking positions. In all, a very exposed, intimate position with lots of potential for both pain and pleasure.

9. Sitting on or straddling the spankee

Image for postStraddling the spankee. Erotic Art A-2-Z.

The wrestling spanking is a fun game in which the spankee does not submit to the spanking, but has to be wrestled and immobilized by the spanker. This may also require that the spankee is immobilized throughout the spanking so that he cannot escape. One way to achieve this is to sit straddling his lover back. To get away, the spankee would need to pull up his weight and that of the spanker, which for most people is impossible. It is also difficult for him to turn over or to protect his bottom with the hands, because the body of the spanker blocks the way. Hence, the spankee has to endure his punishment until the spanker decides to stop, which makes for high vulnerably and embarrassment. The main problem is that a heavy spanker may injure the back of the spankee, so this needs to be given careful consideration. Otherwise, it is a very domineering position for a spanking.

Image for postThe diaper position. Source http://www.realspankings.com/

10. Diaper position

A common problem with all these positions is that the spanker and the spankee cannot see each?s other faces, so there is no eye contact and little non-verbal communication. This problem is avoided in the diaper position. In this case, the spankee lies on her back and the spanker grabs her ankles and lifts her legs up over her body until her bottom is fully exposed. He can then spank it while looking directly into her face. This works great to read her expressions, adjusting the force of the slaps to achieve the desired effect. Holding up the feet requires some effort, but once they are up the spanker can grab her legs with his left arm instead. The diaper position nicely exposes the ?sweet spot? at the bottom of the buttocks, the most sensual place to hit. Pushing the legs towards the head stretches the skin there, making it more sensitive. This also makes the pussy and the crack fully accessible. Try a little teasing there while looking straight into her face.

Image for postSource https://www.aaaspanking.com/

11. Wheelbarrow position

This is the most exposed and humiliating position for a spanking. The spanker sits on a sofa or an armchair and makes the spankee sit on his lap facing away from him. Then he gently lowers her forward until her face is on the floor at his feet. He opens his legs at the same time, trapping her hips between them. If he wants, the spanker can further immobilize her in this position by putting his feet around her shoulders. She can flail her arms on the floor all she wants, she is not going anywhere. A panty-less spankee will have her crack and pussy labia completely opened right in front of the face of the spanker, anus, vagina and clit presented for fingering or a more rough treatment. The buttocks are spanked like playing a drum, with downward strokes that are as effortless as they are forceful. Despite its weirdness, this is a comfortable position for the spankee. It can be made even better by putting some pillows on the floor so she can rest her chest and her head on them. A potential problem is that the spankee may kick her feet dangerously close to the face of the spanker, but in my experience this does not usually happen. For me, the main drawback of the wheelbarrow position is that hitting the bottom like a drum is not very erotic. The fingers, which usually deliver most of the sting, hit the top of the buttocks, leaving the bony heel of the hand to hit the sweet spot. This can be corrected by turning the hand sideways, but this may not feel natural to the spanker. All in all, giving the high levels of vulnerability, embarrassment, good body contact and plain weirdness, a spanking in the wheelbarrow position is as intense as a spanking can get.

There many other spanking positions, but they are usually variations on the themes illustrated here. Others are achieved by ordering the spankee to adopt a position, usually exposed and uncomfortable.

Remember: just like any other kinky play, spankings should be safe, sane and consensual. The best way to do this is to negotiate what is going to happen beforehand, establishing limits and a safeword to stop the scene at any moment. Know what you want, know what you are doing, be respectful and have fun!


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