1–888–588–8639 How to Reset Roblox Account | Recover Roblox Password

1–888–588–8639 How to Reset Roblox Account | Recover Roblox Password

Your Roblox account can be taken away in minutes if you have given your password to a stranger. It can happen if you navigate to the free Robux generator site and provide your account details.

If you clicked on a scam link, you can also give access to your Roblox account. It doesn?t matter how, but if your Roblox account has been hacked, what would you do in such circumstances? Don?t know Don?t worry, I?m here with the solution to recover a hacked Roblox account.

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To reset your Roblox password you need your username. The process is simple and requires following the password reset instructions as asked. If you can?t remember your username, you can click the username reminder options given or go to the homepage for further guidance.

How Do I Reset My Roblox Password?

You can rest the password and create a new one that you can easily remember.

Resetting Your Roblox Password Via Email

1. Choose forgot password on the log in page

2. Enter the email address used to sign in the email box then click submit

3. Click reset button

4. Click the link sent to your email to finish the password reset process

Notice that:

If you only have one account, the link will open a page where you can enter your new password

In case there are more accounts, the link takes you to the page that lists all the accounts associated with the email and you choose the account you want to reset its password

5. Enter the new password and confirm it by re-entering. Press submit

In case you don?t see the confirmation email, check your spam folder of the junk folder.

Alternatively, you can rest using your phone

To reset your Roblox account password via phone follow the steps below.

6. Click on forgot password/username on the log in page

7. Choose a use phone number to rest Roblox password option

8. Choose your country prefix

9. Enter the phone number and press ok

10. Select verify then complete the process. A six-digit number is sent to your phone which you need to enter to finish the verification process.

11.Enter the digit to verify

12. Enter the new password and confirm it by re-entering it again then press the submit button.

How to recover a hacked Roblox account?

If you receive any of these signs, your account has been but don?t panic, follow these steps to recover your hacked account:

  • First, navigate to https://www.roblox.com and retrieve your account password by tapping the ?Forgot password? link and entering your email.
  • Now you need to move to your inbox to check Roblox mail and then tap on the link Roblox transmitted to you to change your password.
  • Since your account has been hacked and there is no email, take a deep breath.
  • Generate another email address and contact Roblox and try to provide each of the information about your hacked Roblox account.
  • Now Roblox will ask you for a solid proof that can prove that you are the true owner of that account.
  • Transmit the required proof to Roblox.
  • After you get your account back, add an email to make sure you will never lose your account again.

How to set up two-step verification to stay safe in the future?

Hmm ? you finally got your hacked account back, but to avoid such a situation again, you need to set up a 2-step verification. After setting up two-step verification, you don?t need to worry about your Roblox account because nobody can access it. Every time you log into your Roblox account through a new device, you must enter a unique code that Roblox will send you after enabling two-step verification. Follow these steps to protect your Roblox account with 2-step verification:

  • First of all, log in to your Roblox account.
  • Make sure you have a verified email address to enable this security measure.
  • To verify your email account, you must enter your email address in the blank space and click the verify button.
  • Check your inbox and open the Roblox email.
  • Follow the instructions given to verify.
  • Then go to account settings.
  • And slide the two-step check button to the green position.
  • A confirmation message will now appear and you need to tap ?OK?.
  • You have enabled two-step verification on your Roblox account and the next time you try to log in to your account, a code will be emailed to you and you will need to enter that code to access your account.

Recover using a phone number

Follow these steps to reset your password through the phone number:

  • Did you click forget your username/password? link on the login page.
  • Select Use phone number to reset the password.
  • Select the code of your country.
  • Enter your phone number in the Phone number box and press the blue Submit button.
  • Click on the verification option and complete the process.
  • This will send a 6 digit code to your phone if it was previously verified on your account.
  • Enter the code in the Enter code (6 digits) box and press the blue Verify button.
  • Enter and confirm your new password, then press the blue Submit button.
  • If you know your password is correct and you?re having trouble logging in, try the steps mentioned in this article.

Still, having problems?

If you?re still having trouble, contact Roblox Customer Service to describe your login problem in detail. If necessary, we can reset the Roblox account for you. All players must be able to confirm account ownership before any information can be reset or changed. If you are not currently a Builders Club member and did not provide a valid email address when you created your account, we may not be able to verify ownership or reset the account.


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