👽 teen slang in 2017

👽 teen slang in 2017

UPDATE on 7/27/17:

  1. this is a reminder and lesson of how much pop culture originates in minority communities, particularly black and LGBTQ culture. i learned last night that many of these terms originated from AAVE (african american vernacular english). i had no idea about the origins/history of these terms, but thank you to folks on twitter for educating me on it.

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don?t @ me = when you don?t care about other people?s opinion on something you just said especially when it?s potentially controversial (?I love oatmeal raisin cookies dont @ me?)

@ me = when you?re being subtweeted (?yo i see you, @ me next time?)

bet = agreed, similar to ?word?

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boofin? = 1) trippin?, overreacting 2) something that smells really bad

can?t even = when something is too ridiculous or funny or strange

curve = ignore, bail (?ya he curved me so hard when I was in town?)

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bye felicia = basically means just leave because i don?t care about you

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cash me outside howbowdah = catch me outside, how about that? = let?s fight outside

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crack open a cold one with the boys = drink beer with your friends (huge meme right now)

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deadass = seriously, forreal

extra = obnoxious. being unnecessarily dramatic. trying too hard. (?ur so extra? after doing something that?s obnoxious or dramatic. it?s behavior where you want to just say ?pls just chill out?)

fam = self-explanatory. homies. people you consider family. commonly used as ?its lit fam? and ?yikes fam?

idgi = i don?t get it

idts = i don?t think so

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idfwu = i don?t f*ck with you = i don?t like you (there?s also ifwu)

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im shook = very shocked ?

its lit / lit af = 1) dope or fun or on fire 2) drunk

it me = relatable, sometimes used sarcastically

i quit = pretty simple. means i give up (?ya no way i can finish this by 8am, i quit?)

LFG = let?s f*cking go

lgtm = looks good to me

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lowkey = 1) sorta 2) secretive aka keep it on the dl

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mood = how you?re feeling. usually used as a standalone word / caption on images

ngl = not gonna lie

oml = 1) oh my lord 2) on my life

RIP / rip me = (?ugh I have to take back to back finals from 3?9pm on the last friday before summer. rip me?)

rn = right now

roasted = burned, owned

RT = retweet = agreed

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sipping tea ? = throwing shade, talking trash

salty = pissed, bitter ?

same = when you agree with something. sometimes used sarcastically. an easy response to anything and everything.

send it = just do it!!! yolo

sgtm = sounds good to me // sometimes just abbreviated to ?sg? ?

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stay woke = being woke means you?re aware of all the political, racial, and social issues around you and your community ?

more here

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took an L = took a loss (?I took an L on my test ? or ?I had to take an L?)

tfti = thanks for the invite. used sarcastically-ish as in you?re calling your ?friend? out while pretending it?s not a big deal. you don?t want to be confrontational but you also want to show that you?re kinda salty!!! ?

tfw = that feeling when (?tfw you fail your test again?)

tight = dope (?yo that?s kinda tight?) ?

too real = too relatable, hitting too close to home

triggered = refers to traumatic or angry experiences, used jokingly half the time. started off as a ?trigger warning? for PTSD/anxiety contexts but it?s developed into a more common slang (?im triggered? or ?that triggers me?). but i want to make it clear that this usage is considered harmful to people with PTSD so please be cautious.

ur trash = i mean if you can?t interpret this, just close this tab rn

wya = where you at

yeet = yessss but with more excitement

yikes = 1) shock/surprise 2) disgust 3) substitute to sh*t

b = be

c = see

d = down (?or the non-innocent version)

j = just


n = and

O or o = simple response when you want to acknowledge that you saw the message but don?t have any additional comments

p = pretty (?p cool?)

r = are

u = you

v = very

w = with

y = why (@ my adult friends ? you can?t use y to convey yes)

. = please don?t use this at the end of texts. it makes you seem like you?re pissed off. unless you want to come off that way!

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wild card: fetugucci!

good luck figuring out what that means ?

LAST THING: 1 week IRL = 100 years on social media

aka a meme or trend can get stale v quickly ?

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